Adventure Starter:
Word of Mouth
by Alan Clark

While in a regional capital, PCs are approached by an earnest-looking boy of 12 or 13. "Giving you good day, sirs," he stammers, "are you the heroes? The ones who [name spectacular heroic deed recently performed by the PCs]?" Unless the group denies its deeds, the boy continues, "Me and my sisters, sirs, we need your help. Our father, y'see, he's disappeared while he was coming back from Huxford on the Moor Gate Road -- he's one of the Baron's messengers, y'see. And everybody says it's because of this jewel he was carrying, worth a lot of money, so he stole it and run off. But it's not true," the boy declares stubbornly. "Our pa wouldn't steal anything, never. And he wouldn't run off and leave us neither. Can you find our pa? And prove he didn't do it like everybody says?"

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #33, March 1994, p. 36; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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