Adventure Starter:
On the Front Lines
by Lee Struglia

It is a time of war. The humans and the orcs are killing each other by the hundreds. The orcs need more room for their clans, and the humans are not willing to let the awful creatures move close to their own lands. Fields are burned and the people are starving. Humans hate the orcs, and the orcs hate the humans. There is no food to feed orc prisoners -- they are summarily executed. The orcs are equally unable to feed their prisoners. They are tortured to death for pleasure.

The PCs are visiting a friendly human settlement when the orcs attack in hordes; the surprised PCs are caught in a huge battle between the warring parties. The humans are badly outnumbered and could lose the battle without the PCs' help. Even if they try to help, the orcs could win. Will they stay or will they run?

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #36, February 1995, p. 31; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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