Adventure Starter:
A Real Charmer
by Lee Struglia

The PCs are visiting a local tavern where they've heard that an exciting minstrel plays every night. They are taken by the beauty and power of the elven singer's voice. She chants a lilting melody and strums her mandolin with a delicate, deft hand. All eyes are upon her as she plays and sings the stories of great men and women and the greater deeds they performed.

As the night goes on, the PCs hear her sing stories about their own deeds, only slightly altered from the actual events. Truly, they think, they are becoming famoous enough to be sung about by one of the greatest bards in the land.

Then she sings a song full of sadness about something awful that has occurred recently and has yet to be avenged. Her song is pointed carefully at the PCs in an effort to get them to take on the quest. How could they turn down such a beautifully presented offer?

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #36, February 1995, p. 32; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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