Adventure Starter:
Death by Night
by Lee Struglia

Once upon a time in the hamlet of Neverwhen, a town of honest, simple, industrious folk, there was quiet, harmony, and peace. Then came the Beast.

No one sees the Beast, nor hear it do they. Every night the Beast visits one humble home in the town, and another man or woman is silenced forever. The bodies are unmolested, there is no sign of struggle, but the life is drained away. What manner of creature has such powers?

Messengers are sent from Neverwhen to the surrounding communities, beseeching adventurers for assistance. Neverwhen is not a wealthy town, but they can offer their animals, their crops, and their services to anyone who rids their town of the Beast. Are your PCs up to the task?

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #36, February 1995, p. 32; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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