Adventure Starter:
Look, Ma, It Followed Me Home
by Alan Clark

PCs investigating a ruin are clearing away rubble from a strange diagram etched into a stone slab, when suddenly the earth begins to shake and the ruin collapses into a deep, dark pit. Up from the pit crawls a Hideous Monster that, for some reason, is determined to kill those who released it. This beast is so powerful, frightening, and unstoppable that the PCs will be forced to flee. The beast can't move as fast as they can, but no matter where they go -- say, to the city a few hours up the road -- it follows tirelessly, tracking them with unfailing certainty, and spreading terror and chaos in their wake. Eventually the local duke or king or whatever will send his most powerful minions to end the menace, slaying the beast or driving it away. The PCs could end up running from the angry ruler, or be forced into his service to make amends.

Here's my beast: The body of a 60' long snake, scores of stubby, clawed legs, a huge toothy maw, and insect-like compound eyes. While it's alive, though, no one will see this, because it surrounds itself with an area of darkness that can't be dispelled. They'll just hear the sinister click-click-click of its many legs as it scuttles after them. Stats: 20d8, 160 hp, AC -8, THAC0 5, 40% magic resistance, immune to fire, regenerates 2 hp/turn, climbs walls with 100% chance of success, spits acid once every 5 rounds (50 yard range, 10d6 damage), bites twice/round for 4-40 hp damage each time.

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #39, January 1996, p. 33; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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