Adventure Starter:
Quest for Life
by Lee Struglia

An act of the gods (for example, lightning, tornado, hurricane, earthquake, mudslide) takes the life of one or more of the characters. The dead characters find themselves face to face with their respective gods, or possibly the god who caused the act of god. They are offered the gift of returning to their life if they will do something for the god(s) in return. Examples: Find a relic and take it to the god's temple; escort missionaries through unfriendly territory; lead a Holy War; destroy a temple belonging to another god; assassinate a high priest of another god; steal a relic from another god's temple. The PCs have little choice in the matter but to do what is asked or to face their deaths.

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #39, January 1996, p. 36; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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