Adventure Starter:
Looks Like Rain
by Alan Clark

PCs are on the road, traveling under a dark, cloudy sky. Without warning, a large, heavy object comes crashing down through the branches of a tree just ahead and slams into the road, sending broken branches showering down on the party. The object proves to be a wooden chest, shattered by the impact. Whether the party moves on or not, the scene is repeated about five minutes later, but this time it's a couple of wooden stools. Alert PCs will realize that they dropped from the clouds, which are lowering overhead (maybe 1/4 mile up). The third item of furniture, which comes hurtling down seven minutes later, nearly hits them. It's a large table, with a paper lashed tightly to one leg by rope and a bit of red ribbon. The paper reads: "Help! We are trapped in a flying castle and urgently need rescue. Please save us or find someone who can. We will try to remain directly above you."

(Originally appeared in Re:Quests!, issue #41, September 1996, p. 25; Mary H Kelly, editor.)

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