Adventure Starter:
by Dennis DeBalso

I offer this as a starting point for PCs to travel to other planes.

This actually happened in an adventure I once ran. The party was chasing a bandit group that included a boggle (see description below). One PC advanced towards the cave where they believed the last of the bandit group was. He put his back towards the cliff wall as he approached the cave. The boggle used his dimension door ability and attempted to drag the PC in. The PC was able to keep from being pulled in but his backpack was caught halfway. The PC attempted to chip the backpack out of the cliffwall. This caused an opening in the astral plane.

I wasn't ready for them to travel planes, so I allowed the PCs to cave in the rest of the cliff to fill the tear in the astral plane. One PC was a dwarf and another PC had mountaineering and mining NWPs.

A boggle is gray and a little larger than a goblin. It can produce an oil. After placing the oil on a flat surface, the boggle can use a natural dimension door ability to reach through and grab anything that is near that oiled surface. If the victim is a person, the boggle can strand them halfway through the dimension door. Its AC was 7 and it had 15 hp. It's a creature from a module that I borrowed.

(Originally published on the RPGSIG Message Board, December 7, 1999.)

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