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Character Portraits by Gennie Summers - Your role-playing character depicted in black & white or full-color drawings, including full background scenery. Email for more information, including prices:

The Mensa Science Fiction and Fantasy SIG has been active since 1976. During that time, it has brought its members movie/book/video reviews, comments, original artwork, poetry, humor, and serious discussions. For more information, email Butch at

CAR-PGa, Committee for the Advancement of Role-Playing Games, is an organization devoted to gaming advocacy, development, and research. For information via snail mail, send the equivalent of two ounces first-class US postage (or two International Reply Coupons) to CAR-PGa, c/o Paul Cardwell, Jr., 1127 Cedar, Bonham TX 75418. For information online, click here.


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