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These are links to websites RPGSIG members enjoy and find useful.
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Note: The listing of a site on this page does not imply RPGSIG or Mensa endorsement or recommendation of the site, its content, or its products.

Beyond the Realm Here's the site for earlier installments of Beyond the Realm, the humorous adventure story written by Bill Zigo, illustrated by Alan Hauck, and serialized in Re:Quests!

City of Ilien The City of Ilien is one of the oldest cities in southern Anuire, and the second largest in the whole of Anuire. Over the last few months Ilien has been rebuilding; a major battle took place here last Winter and many buildings were destroyed. Darien Avan, Emperor of the Southern Coast, has made Ilien his capital and is funding massive rebuilding projects. Karen Haley invites you to participate in the City of Ilien.

KSF Central Net Recommended by Gennie Summers: The Klingon Strike Force -- a correspondence and RPG club that is set up for roleplaying in various methods, as Klingons and their allies in the Star Trek universe. Visit their website at

The Mensa Philippines RPG SIG gave birth to a RPGamers alliance called AEGIS, the Alliance of Eclectic Gamers and Interactive Storytellers, which seeks to network all gaming groups in the Philippines (we have a few allies in other countries though) and promote role playing as a hobby. Visit AEGIS at

Elf LifeAlan Hauck says, "I found a very well done humorous adventure strip, being published daily (almost) on the web: Carson Fire's Elf Life. The artwork is excellent, and the plot is hilarious (and convoluted!) There's about six months' worth of episodes in the archives -- a fun read."

Avatar MUD Avatar, a fantasy-themed MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) that's both great for beginners and challenging for experienced mudders. Mary has been playing on Avatar for over four years, and invites you to join the adventure! This is a text-based MUD and you will need a terminal program or a telnet client to play. (Mary recommends zMUD for Windows machines.) Telnet to telnet://

SIGs Links></A><A HREF=The Mensa SIGs page provides a listing of Mensa SIGs [current Mensa members only]. If you are a Mensa member who is interested in starting a SIG, click here for information provided by Lisa Shea.


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