Prancing Unicorn History of RPGSIG

RPGSIG began in 1980 as Fantasy Gaming SIG (FGSIG), founded by Corey S. Cole. Together with his wife, Lori A. Cole, he published a newsletter/zine called The Spell Book. You may recognize their names if you're a computer RPG fan; they produced the acclaimed Quest for Glory series for Sierra.

The Spell Book began with the January/February 1981 issue as a six-page newsletter, stapled in the upper-left corner. With the sixth issue, dated Summer 1982, the newsletter adopted the familiar booklet ("zine") format, with saddle-stapling and the cover printed on colored paper.

The Spell Book soon took more and more time to produce, and thus was being published less and less frequently. The Coles decided to augment TSB with an "in-between" newsletter. Mary H Kelly volunteered to edit this newsletter, which she dubbed Sorceror's Scroll.

Eventually, due to the demands of careers and family, the Coles found they no longer had sufficient time to devote to FGSIG. In November 1987, Mary H Kelly became the new coordinator.

Mary soon changed the name of the SIG to Role-Playing Games (RPGSIG), both to focus explicitly on role-playing and to open the group to all genres. She also changed the newsletter's name from Sorceror's Scroll to Re:Quests! (suggested by SIG member Rilla Moulden), to reflect a sense of adventure and the idea that RPG players have goals they strive to attain through their characters.

Mary continued as RPGSIG Coordinator until October 2001 (almost 14 years!). Paulie Anderson held the position until April 2003. The present coordinator is longtime RPGSIG member and contributor Dennis DeBalso.

RPGSIG has always been a means by which role-players can discuss and share ideas for the games they enjoy. There are no RPGSIG gaming groups, meetings or conventions, although individual members have been known to meet each other at Mensa gatherings. In addition, some RPGSIG members have gamed together via play-by-mail or play-by-email games.

The best ways to get a feel for what RPGSIG is about are to visit our message board (please post and introduce yourself!) and read some articles written by RPGSIG members.


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