WHAT'S NEW!!!!: Been here before? Well check out what's been added or changed since your last visit.

BIO: Here you'll find information who I am.

 X-FILES: THE TRUTH IS ONLINE: The X-Files is in my humble opinion the best drama on television. This section looks at some of the topics that are addressed on the show and how they relate to the real world.
MY FAVORITE FILMS: I love movies. Here are some of my favorites and why.

THE WAY OF THE FORCE: A small essay I wrote looking at the fictional "force" from Star Wars and it's relation to eastern thought.
MODEL GALLERY: A place to show off some of the models I've built.
NATURAL WONDERS GALLERY.: A merging of two of my interests, the outdoors and photography.
SOAP BOX: This is the Editorial section of the site.
E-Mail Me: Comments? Suggestions?


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