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Kit Name: Apollo Soyuz Test Project

Manufacturer: Revell/ RealSpace Models

Material: Injection Styrene/Resin

Scale:  1/96

    In July of 1975, the United States of America and the Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic (
USSR) partook in a joint venture known as the Apollo Soyuz test Project. This was the first joint mission between the two space faring nations, that previously were engaged in the space race to get humans into space and to land on the moon.
    The main objectives of the mission was to test compatibility of docking hardware and procedures for future space flight missions. The Apollo spacecraft was a modified version of the craft used for the lunar missions. The Soviet Soyuz was the workhouse of the soviet program.
    The mission was a technological success, a well as a diplomatic one between the two super-powers.

Pactra Flat Artilery Olive   FS34127: Soyuz hull

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