Kit Name: Bobbo the Hobbit

Manufacturer: Soldat

Material: Resin

Scale:  120 mm

Notes: Hobbits are characters made most popular by J.R.R. Tolkien's Novels.  This sculpture isn't a specific hobbit from any story (at least that I know of). I guess you can say he is a generic hobbit, but it seems to me he was probably modeled after Bilbo (The lead character in Tolkien's The Hobbit). Hobbits have mostly human features, but are shorter than humans and have more body hair.
    I love this figure. He stands at just about 4 inches tall. So depending on your settings the picture is bigger than the actual figure. There is a great deal of detail packed into his short stance. And speaking of stance, the pose really evokes the character of the little guy heading out into an adventure, while looking back at what he is leaving behind and may never see again.
    The piece is molded in to one main piece with only the sword as a separate piece to attach. The casting was very good with little flash and no holes.
    Did I mention I really like this figure?

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