Kit Name: Apollo Spacecrasft Command/Service modules

Manufacturer: Monogram, Real Space Models, New Ware,   Rick Sternbach decals

Material: styrene, resin, photo-etched brass

Scale:  1/32


    As we all know the Apollo program sent the first, and at this point the only, human beings to the moon. The joint command/Service module brought the crew to and back from the moon. On the trip to the moon the Lunar Excursion module was attached to the end of the command module. Except for the flight of Apollo 13, the LEM was left behind for the trip back to Earth. The Command module is the conical section which provides crew space and controls. The Service module contained the main engine for the CSM, and the various support systems that provide fuel, air, and electricity. The command module is the only part of the entire Saturn V launch system that returned to earth in the launches.

As you can see in the pictures provided, this kit is still in progress. The kit to start with pretty good, however like any kit there are improvements to be made. I ordered the Real Space resin interior, as well as New Wareís Photo etched interior kit. There is a bit of duplication between the kits, but after taking looks at each there are sections I like of the Real Space kit better than the New Ware kit and vice-versa. Also, the New Ware kit has items the Real space kit does not. Those would be new parts for the high gain antenna and parts for the tunnel in the command module. I also ordered the decals available form Rick Sternbach (these have not arrived as of this writing yet). The book by Space in Miniature is very helpful with this model. There are great build up and painting suggestions. 

The interior of the basic kit is really the kits biggest failing. The kit has now raised detail, and includes decals with an odd green color as the main color of the panels. Iím using a combination of parts from the Real Space and New Ware kits. Basically for each part, I making a decision as to which I like the best. The kit does include astronaut figures in seated positions. Iíve chosen not to use them, so it will be easier to see the interior details. 

The aft end of the Service module is designed so that the engine bell is able to move once the model is complete. If you build this be careful with the glue. The base of this section, as will the rest of the Service module base, is painted with Model Masterís Aluminum Plate. The interior of the plate was painted with Polly Scale orange-Yellow. The side parts of the umbilical plates burnt sienna with black spots to designate the connection area. The engine nozzle is tow shades. I used gunmetal for the darker and steel (darkened with flat black). I am going to use the clear parts so the interiors of the command and service module sections can be seen. 

Photos (click to enlarge):


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