Kit Name: Encounter with Yoda

Manufacturer: Ertl

Material: injection-styrene

Scale:  ???

Notes: Once a member of the Jedi council, Yoda fled to the planet Dagobah to escape the jedi purge that swept the galaxy. After the battle of Hoth, Luke Skywalker flew his X-Wing fighter with R2-D2 to the planet Dagobah to meet Yoda. Luke first meets Yoda after crashing his ship in to the swamp. At first he doiesn't realize that this dimuitive creature is the great jedi master Obi-Wan spoke of. However, after Yoda brings him to his home, the truth of his identitiy is revealed. Luke then was trained in the way of the jedi until he had a vision of hsi friends in danger and he rushed off to try and help them. Luke did return to Yoda, and was present when the jedi master died and faded away.
    A nice little kit showing the student (Luke) at his master's (Yoda) side. The top of the of the "house" lifts off so you can see the interior with Luke and Yoda. Painting was fun with the various textures involved. I always enjoy paiting Yoda, even at this scale he is filled with detail. The R2-D2 figure is also quite good.

Additional Views (click to enlarge):


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