Kit Name:USS Enterprise 1701 (Between 2nd Pilot & Production)

Manufacturer: AMT/Ertl & Aftermarket parts

Material: Injection-styreme/Resin

Scale:  1/850


  The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 made famous by Captain James T. Kirk. Through first contacts with many species including the first Federation, battling enemies of the Federation including the Gorn, the Klingons, and the Romulans; meeting interesting people including Harry Mudd, the Squire of Gothos, and Methuselah; and solving diplomatic crisis’s including tribbles, and and the che contamination of Iotia by the USS Hoirizon; this ship and her crew gained a prominent part of Federation History.
    This model shows the ship in a stage in between the 2nd pilot and the Production version. Why? Well I liked a number of features of the pilot version over the production version but hated the spikes on the front of the warp engines. So voila! The base of the kit is the standard 18" kit from AMT. The one we have all built at least once. This was my second. Mercifully I do not have any evidence of the first one I did when I was a kid. Aftermarket parts included the Lunar models 2nd pilot kit, Accurate Parts Flux Constrictors and from Thomas modes decals for the windows, 2nd pilot set, and his navigational deflector dish.   Beyond the after market  pieces the following modifications were also done to the kit.... All detail was sanded off the saucer section and the bottom dimples were filled in.. The bottom rings were drew on with a compass and pencil. The huge gap where the neck meets the saucer was filled with milliput. Removed the screens from the intercoolers. The base was scrapped. I the model I attached a hollow plastic tube that would accept a brass tube from the base I built from a wood plaque and the for mentioned brass rod.
    When it came to painting  I decided to go with Camouflage grey for the hull color. The only other interesting painting note is the bussard collectors. I used a coper base coat, clear read over that, and a clear coats on top of that.

Additional Views(click to enlarge):

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