Kit Name: Boba Fett

Manufacturer: Kaiyodo

Material: Vinyl

Scale: 1/6

Notes: Boba Fett is a very popular character from the Star Wars films, appearing in episodes IV, V , & VI. He is a bounty hunter under the employ of Jabba the Hutt who goes after Han Solo and ends up bringing Han Solo (encased in carbonirte) back to Jabba's palace. He meets his end in Episode VI by falling into the sarlac pit.
    The figure is another well produced kit by Kaiyodo. The fit of the pieces were good and molding is clean. the only problem with the kit I felt was the lack of instructions for the decals.
    Painting was another question. The kit gives a good listing of colors, but a close watching of the films reveals color differences between appearances. The first time he is seen (in Episode V), his backpack is different shades of green, In Episode VI the backpack is shown to be be different colors consisting of blue, red, and yellow. Fett's appearance in Episode IV actually comes after the production of Episode VI since he was added in the special addition. As you can see I chose to model him in the later color scheme. The Base was made from a wood plaque from an art store with pieces of flat styrene glued on to give the appearance of floor panels then painted with Horizon steel color paint.
    The best reference source for the costume came from the book "Star Wars Chronicles"

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