Kit Name: Frankenstein (Recast of a Billiken kit)

Manufacturer: ????

Material: resin

Scale:  1/6

Frankenstein first appeared as a character in the novel by Mary Shelly.  While the story of Frankenstein has been told many times in movies and TV, Boris Karlof's version in the 1932? film from Universal Studios is still the most well known representation of the creature.
    This kit was a recast of the Billiken kit. Please don't start flaming me with email on the evils of recasts.At the time I bought it I was just getting into the figure kit area, and really didn't know much about recasts. Anyway construction was a bit pain. The inside bottom of the torso had to significantly hollowed to allow for the legs to fit correctly. The head is a really good likeness of Karlof, and the hands have a nice amount of detail. Painting the kit was fun with the rotting sickly flesha nd the scars. The base was made from a wood plaque and some plaster.

Additional Views (click to enlarge):


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