Kit Name: Snowspeeder

Manufacturer: ERTL

Material: injection styrene

Scale: 1/32

    Snowspeeders are Incom T-47's modified for the cold. In Star Wars: The Empire the Strikes Back they were used as patrol units and attack craft. These craft seat two. A pilot seated forward and a gunner seated facing the rear. The craft is equipped with two forward mounted laser cannons that were added when it was converted from civilian to military use. A rear mounted tow cable, used to tow cargo containers in its civilian mode, and was used during the battle of Hoth to take down imperial AT-AT's.
Physical modifications

Cut off gun supports on model (does not exist on studio model or full-size prop)
Cockpit modifications: add center control panel on front controls, sanded off details on face of front panel
Added two pipes with brass tubes to back “radiator” area.
Added a "hose" to the rear tow cable launcher. This is seen in the full scale mock up in the film but not the models I've seen pictures of.  
Paint colors  (model master acrylic unless noted)
Pactra Rust: cockpit floor side walls
Polly Scale Dark Blue: (505023/RLM 24 blue) seats in cockpit
Gunship Grey: cockpit control panels, upper walls  of cockpit, inside of canopy,
Light Grey: Main hull color
White: a few panels on the body

Additional Views(click to enlarge):

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