Kit Name: The Night Stalker

Manufacturer: Dimensional Designs

Material: Resin

Scale: 1/6

Notes: Carl Kolchak (played by Darren McGavin) is a reporter. While some reporters cover conventional crime stories and politics, Kolchak covers the weird. While tracking down stories, he has come crossed vampires, werewolves, lizard creatures, and even UFO's. Kolchak first appeared in two made for TV movies, "The Night Stalker" in 1972 and "the Night strangler" in 1973. Later he was brought to a short run series (only 6 episodes) that ran from the fall of 1974 into 1975.  The show was forced to go by the great horror tradition of not showing much of the monster, because the costume and makeup effects of the monsters were laughable. Chris Carter, credits the show as an inspiration for the X-Files. McGavin did appear in two episodes of the X-files as Arthur Dales, a former agent that had once worked on the X-Files.

    The mpdel is a heafty piece of resin. It goes together well. I did use metal pins to provide strength to the joining spots. The pieces are designed well so that the spots where pieces are joined togtehr are natual seems. The detail is good   


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