Kit Name:  Yoda

Manufacturer: Scream'n

Material: Vinyl

Scale:  1/4

Notes: A member of the Jedi council, before the purge of the jedis throughout the galaxy, Yoda retreated to the jungle planet of Dagobah. It was there Luke Skywalker met the jedi master. Luke interrupted his training with Yoda to try and rescue his friends from the empire. During Skywalker's return visit to Dagobah the 900 year old jedi master died.
    This was only the second figure model I ever did. It still is my favorite pieces. The original kit was very nicely done accept for the staff (which I replaced with a stick from the yard).
    Painting was done with may layers of greens and browns, for the skin and robe respectively. Dry brushing with lighter colors each time. Then washes of various colors. The kit also come with fake hair that was glued on.

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