Anna University  ( MCA---April-2007)



     1)  Develop and demonstrate an RMI program for reading a  file from a      remote-server.


  2) Develop a Stateless Session bean(ejb) for querying  and give      demo in SUN   J2ee1.2 server.


  3) Develop a Shopping cart program (ejb)for a bookshop as a Stateful      Session bean and give demo in SUN J2ee1.2  server.


  4) Create a CMP ( Container-Managed Persistence) Entity bean(ejb) in SUN     J2ee1.2  server using the built-in Cloudscape Database for adding,        modifying and deleting records in the database.


  5) Create a CORBA IDL program using   JDK1.3 for simple banking      operations.


  6) Develop a stock-quote program in Corba IDL using  JDK1.3


  7) Create a bean in Jdk1.3  for displaying various shapes.


  8) Create a COM object in VB6 for database query and use it in      vbscript client.


  9) Create a currency-converter COM in VB6 and use it in an MFC      client.


  10) Develop a   Java COM object for encryption/decryption ( using Microsoft SDK for Java 4) and use it in a VB client.