301st Tactical Fighter Wing

Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas, 1980-1989

The 301st Tactical Fighter Wing previously parented F-105 Thunderchief equipped 457th and 465th Tactical Fighter Squadrons from Carswell AFB, Texas and Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Component squadrons re-equipped with F-4D in 1980. 704th Tactical Fighter Squadron at Bergstrom AFB, Texas, re-equipped with F-4D and attached to 301st TFW in 1981. Texas based two component squadrons upgraded with F-4E between 1987 and 1988. 465th TFS converted to F-16A/B Falcon in 1989.

Above: 301st TFW Boss Bird. F-4D-33-MC Phantom II, 66-8816 / TH. 301st TFW, 457th TFS, Texas. Aircraft in standart Air Force Egypt One three tone gray camouflage scheme.

Above: F-4D-32-MC Phantom II, 66-8745 / TX. 924th TFG, 704th TFS, Texas. Aircraft in unusual three tone gray camouflage scheme.

301st Tactical Fighter Wing F-4D squadrons:

  • 457th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 465th Tactical Fighter Squadron
  • 704th Tactical Fighter Squadron

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