Hem Shuttle, 4 Bobbin

   A rolled hem, as opposed to fringe, is what I prefer on my rugs.  Four strands of rug warp seems to give me the right thickness when rolled over and sewn. Gang winding four strands onto a bobbin isn't always easy to get even tension on all four strands, and thus you can end up with a loop hanging out here and there.  Experience in winding helps, but I decided to build a 'Hem Shuttle' that holds four bobbins.  Here are some pictures of it.

(Gang winding four strands onto a single bobbin isn't always straight forward...)
  Studying the pictures should reveal that the bobbin shaft is locked in with a knuckle that is integral to the center divider/support.  I used 1/4" hardwood dowel for the shafts.  Is is stiff enough to hold a straight line, but has adequate give to be pulled out of line, around the knuckle, and then lifted out of the shuttle so that bobbins can be exchanged. 

   Why is one shaft (and bobbins) higher than the other?  The yarn on the upper bobbins is wound to come off the top of the bobbin, and exit through the upper slots. The yarn on the lower bobbins unwinds from the bottom and out the lower slots.  Also, by offsetting the shafts the shuttle width can be reduced just a tad.

   Even with a stingy shed the low profile (ie 1.5 inches high) allows the shuttle easy passage.
<== Center Support / Shaft Lock
<== One of the end supports