Wool/Nylon Blend & Acrylic Yarns

> I want to play around with more weft faced rugs but
> don't want to use good/expensive wool yarn.  Has
> anyone out there used acrylic yarn for weft faced rugs?
> What were the results?  How did it wear?  Thanks,

   Acrylic will create static electricity which is annoying.  And the rugs will be more limp and slippery on hard surface floors.  If you use acrylic, make the rugs longer to help them stay in place and you may need to use a non-slip pad under the small ones.
Joanne Hall

   Back in the 60's to 80's a lot of rugs were made of acrylic. I inherited a LOT of it with my looms and since I can't throw anything away :) I use it when I want to make rugs that will be more for show than for using - as the acrylic tend to "pill" when you wash it. The colors are very vibrant and easy to weave designs with.

Cathy Moomaw

   I've really enjoyed doing acrylic yarn rugs using two strands of yarn together to double the thickness of the weft and to experiment with color. Lots of fun. They wash well on gentle cycle - easy maintenance. Have been concerned about them being slippery on floors, but most rugs are to some extent. I know this is not the real rag rug "thing", but to me it has lots of potential for interesting color and pattern expression.


> I am wondering what people think about using/buying
> rug yarns with 80%wool / 20%nylon? Have you tried it?
> Any good? Would you only use 100% wool?

   In my experience of using material from carpet factories, they work well, albeit a little stiff. In fact, I have the impression that the 80%_wool 20%_nylon combination is rather common.


   I like this combo for rugs....keeps the rugs clean, allows added strength and a firmness that I prefer in my rugs.  I believe it makes a very durable rug.  Only difficulty would be if you wanted to dye it, and even that could be surmounted.  Did you know that Jason Collingwood uses this combo in his rugs?

Su Butler
Has anyone out there used acrylic yarn for weft faced rugs?
I am wondering what people think about using/buying  rug yarns with 80% wool / 20% nylon? Have you tried it?  Any good? Would you only use 100% wool?