Rag Strip Folder - DIY

An easy bias tape maker, or "folder" for rag strips for making rag rugs. Take a long quilter pin and poke it into your ironing board, back out almost right away so you only catch the board cover. Leave quite a bit of room (this is the width you want your tape to be) and then back in. Fold your fabric strip (just the end) the width , and stick it between the pin and board. Take your iron and as you pull it through, set it with the iron.

Mike Harvey
braid aid

>> There is a tool, commonly found at quilting stores, you run your strip of fabric thru it and it folds in the frayed edges, if you want to be really compulsive about it, you can iron them as you pull it thru.

  The name of the tool is called a Braid Aid.  I made some prettty things using one, but it does take time.
  I run the fabric through it and start out by pinning the newly flattened end to a 2"styrofoam ball. Then I continue pulling fabric through the tool, winding directly from the tip of the tool onto the ball, pulling with tight tension.  And when all the balls are done, I let them sit for a week or so before weaving them.  The creases are then *pressed*  into the fabric. Yes...there are no **stringys** then when you weave. Makes a nice neat mat or rug.
  It took longer, but if you are making something for a gift or special event, you may want to try this.


  Everyone does it differently. I personally don't like the back side of the fabric turning up, so I sew my strips closed. I don't mind the fraying edges, so just fold the strip and sew down the side close to the frayed edge. This also keeps the fray from going way back into the fabric, and, although the thread does show a little, it doesn't bother me.

Gloria in central WA state
( Take a long quilter pin and poke it into your ironing board... )