Rug Warp

Wool Warp

  I use R & M Rug wool, a really heavy cabled wool, almost as fat as rya, but firmer. I have also used wool from the fiber studio.  Theirs is a really firm two or three ply twist, that will not shrink!  I have used it successfully, also, and depending on the look you  are going for, you might want to  try both.

http://www.rmyarns.com has a on line look at the yarns, and http://www.fiberstudio.com will let you check those out.

Cathy in W. Tennessee

  Consider Robin & Russ, in McMinnville, Oregon (they do have a variety of linen and cotton warp materials)

On Rug Wools I have used Halcyon 3 ply rug yarn with good success on my seats also Weaving Southwest's tapestry and rug yarns.  I like the 2 ply tapestry yarns as they are finer and I then ply it as I weave to a thicker yarn.  This lets me increase the number of colors as I grade from region to another.  I only use Weaving Southwest's Navaho wool rug warp.  It much more elastic than linen and have never broken a warp thread when using it while I have had linen 'shatter' almost chaoticly.

Walt T.

   I have never seen Webs mentioned as a source for Linen Rug warp.  They have the natural in all sizes 8/6, 8/5, 8/4 and 8/2.  It is Irish linen and seems to be very good.  They use it at Harrisville for their rug classes.  Webs offers discounts to anyone if you purchase over $60 (20%) and $120 (25%). I have been using them for ~12 years with satisfaction. They can be found at

Tim in east TN.  (I have no affiliation)