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There are some very good quality NV-devices manufactured in Russia, Belorussia or Ukraine. But there are a lot of cheaters in the who sell 1-Gen devices as 2-Gen, sell used image intensifier tubes as prime products, or try to overprice their products to customers unfamiliar with optics and night vision devices. In some cases Russian made 1-Gen NVG:s are sold in the US market with american sounding brand-names (maybe with some cosmetic modifications). Fortunately, the manufacturers tend to be more respectable than re-dealers.

This www-page has been created with the purpose of helping potential buyers to evaluate technical characteristics and performance of russian night vision devices in the market. The focus will be on 2-generation night vision goggles. The author of this page leaves the resposibility of verifying the validity of presented information to the reader. This page is not commercial, even if some companies have been mentioned. This page will be updated occasionally.

Russian goggles and manufacturers

Lenigrad Optical & Mechanical Enterprise (LOMO)

Company info: LOMO stands for Leningradskoye Optiko Mechanichesckoye Obyedinenie (Lenigrad Optical & Mechanical Enterprise). For more than 80 years LOMO has designed and manufactured optical devices for various applications. Beginning with its foundation in 1914 LOMO was largest optical device manufacturer for Russian Army. Times have changed and now LOMO works not only for military and space programs but also for science and industry and for the consumer productsmarket.

Recon 2:
Image intensifier tube: Gen.2.
Price: 1990 USD (

Lytcarino Optical Glass Factory (LZOS)

Company info: Lytcarino Optical Glass Factory has started its history since 1939 from a small plant of mirror reflectors. As the result of 60-years the factory has reached the world quality of its production, and at present it is acknowleged as a leader in optical material manufacture for different regions of science and technology of the Russian Federation.

This company manufactures the famous "Filin" -series: (2.5x42), (2.5x56), (4x48), (5.5x56), (2.5x42), (7x70). The Filin series has been sold as "Night Hawk" in the US market.

ON 1x20
Image intensifier tube: Gen.1.
Wholesale Price: 310 USD (

Kazan Optical Mechanical Plant (KOMZ)

Company info: Open Joint Stock Company Kazan Optical-Mechanical Plant is one of the largest Russian enterprises in the field of optics. Since 1940 OJSC KOMZ develops and produces different types of optical equipment. Owing to our high industrial capacities, our highly skilled personnel and advanced technologies, we are among the leaders of Russian optical production.

Company info 2: KOMZ (Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant) first started to operate on 8th of February 1940 — the date of registration by a State body in the list of enterprises of the former USSR. In the beginning KOMZ developed products of GOMZ, located in Leningrad. The professional managers and skilled personnel were transferred to Kazan in order to increase the quality of goods and streamline production methods.

Image intensifier tube: Gen. 2 or 3
Price: 2200 USD

Belorussian optical-mechanical Enterprice (BELOMO)

Company info: Scientific-engineering center "Lasers in the ecology, medicine and technology (LEMT) " was based in June 1992 as a result of reorganization of one of the subdivisions of Belorussian optical-mechanical Enterprice (BELOMO). BELOMO is a major opto-mechanical assembly plant of the former USSR and Belarus now. It is a designer and manufacturer of lasers, optoelectronics and optomechanical instruments.

Image intensifier tube: Gen.2+.
Price: 1380 USD (
Price: 1500 USD (

Image intensifier tubes: Gen 2+, or Gen 3.
Price: 2900 USD (
Pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Science-Industry firm KATOD

Company info: Russian Science-Industry firm Katod have been founded of October 1959 . It has many-years experience on development and manufacture of the wide range electro-vacuum tubes and devices on the base of them. Join-stock company Katod is one of the founders of Join-stock company "DARKOS".

Company info: Joint Stock Company �DARKOS� (Darkos, Inc.) was launched in February of 1997 following the joint decision of the Federal Foundation for the Development of Electronics and of the Department of Electronic Industry of the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation.

Image intensifier tube: Gen.2.
(The "ONV-2+" series have been sold previously under "Kreml" brand name in russia. In US market "ONV-2+" is sold in some cases as "NVS-7-2".)

ALPHA 1032

Image intensifier tube: Gen.2+
Price: 1690 USD

Pictures: 1

Image intensifier tube: Gen.2+

Novosibirsk Instrument-making Plant (NPZ)

Company info1: State Unitary Enterprise Production Amalgamation "Novosibirsk Instrument Making Plant" is one of the oldest enterprises in Russia. Being one of largest manufacturer of day light and night vision products our enterprise attracts attentions to scientific and research activities and development of new models and their serial production.

Company info2: The Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant was founded in 1905 to manufacture artillery sights for the Imperial Russian Army. It made a significant contribution to equipping the Russian and Soviet armies during the world wars... The disintegration of the USSR brought extremely difficult economic conditions for the factory. Because military production was greatly curtailed, the factory was compelled to compete on the world market of optical devices.... Today Novosibirsk telescopes are well-known around the world and have earned an outstanding reputation.

Image intensifier tube: Gen.2+
Price: 1400 USD (

Pictures: 1, 2.

Sova B
Image intensifier tube: Gen.2+
Price: 1600 USD ??

Zagorsk Optical and Mechanical Plant(ZOMZ)

Company info1: "Zagorsk оptical and mechanical plant" (ZOMZ) in the Soviet period was called the creation of the second Five-Year Plan. Its building began in 1936 - in significant time when Dneper Hydro-electric power station and Magnitogorsk metallurgical works, Gorky motor and Stalingrad tractor plants had just come into operation.



Rostov optical-mechanical plant ROMZ

Company info1: The JSC "Rostov optical-mechanical plant" (ROMZ) is the biggest manufacturer of night vision equipment in Russia. The JSC "ROMZ" was founded 1968 in the ancient Russian town of Rostov-the Great ( Yaroslavl region ) 200 km north of Moscow. From its very founding the enterprise was specialized in producing of optico-mechanichal and optico-electronic devices.


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