The Web Page of Ryan Reeder

The Web Page of Ryan Reeder

(with a very original title)

This is a picture of me taken February 9, 1997, a few days after I returned from Bolivia.

Hello. My name is Ryan Brent Reeder. I was born December 10, 1975 in Provo, Utah, though I've lived most of my life in Brigham City. After graduating from Box Elder High School June 2, 1994, I attended Brigham Young University for 6 months before leaving on a two-year LDS mission to Bolivia. Upon returning, I resumed my studies at BYU where I currently am studying.

Yes, I am trying to make this life history as dry and boring as possible. Here's a few other useful sites

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Future attractions--(maybe)

This page has been accessed times. (So far that's mostly just me).Of course, there's really no point in having that other than to satisfy my own curiosity as to whether anyone out there has actually found this page. It's kind of tucked away there. If you do find me, send me a note at, especially if you know me from somewhere. As I have time and figure out more about html, I'll make it better. Someday. Anyway, Thank you, enjoy, and Tink'una Kama!

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