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Digital Music Synthesizer
A music synthesizer I designed for my Computer Engineering projects course. The page includes images, sound, and program code.

Nuclear Arms in the Modern World
In one of my highschool drawing classes, I was assigned to create a piece to make a statement about some important issue in the world. My drawing speaks out against nuclear weapons.

The Flux Capacitor
Detailed diagrams of the Flux Capacitor from Back to the Future.

Art Page
This is a small compilation of drawings I have done.

Essay on genetic engineering in agriculture
I wrote this for my college composition course in 2002. It describes the benefits and dangers of genetic engineering in agriculture.

Machines weapons chart
This is a comprehensive chart I have compiled comparing the attributes of every weapon in the 1999 Acclaim game, "Machines". This is the old version of the chart without pictures of the weapons.

The Hypnotist
This is the true story of a professional hypnotism performance which I attended at Alfred State College.

Ryan Shon's RIT CS Site
This is my website on my CS account at RIT. Once again, this is only a placeholder page; no material yet.


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