Mystery ONE!
The Case of the stolen Trophat
The Culprits: Chabob and Jacobob. Both have been sentanced to 250 years in prison. How they got there you ask? I'll tell you how...
Both men were modern day Pirates. And dashing and handsome fellows. But they crossed the line one day with the way the liked to destroy the world!
"I have a plan!" Jacobob told Chabob. We shall go to the hockey hall of fame and steal the trophy of gods so we can destroy the world! "mumble X!" said Chabob. And Jacobob agreed.
Chabob wasn't sure about the power of the trophy of gods, he though that perhaps it would be nice of him to not destroy the world, but then he forgot because he thought about eating some hot snacks.
Meanwhile at the Froot Loops Hockey Hall of Fame, Doug and Wesley were chilling at their guarding post. "DUDE" said Doug, "Did you see the big save!?" "Yeah! It was AWESOME." said Wesley. And they spent the next ten minutes running face first into the wall.
"Gimmie the freakin' trophy!"
"Fuck dude!"
"But dude, this is my trophy! I love it like I love life!"
"Hand it over, or feel my wraith!"
"Come Lets go!"

"Mumble 4!"
"I am so depressed!"
"Now, We shall use the trophy of God to destroy the world!"
"Mumble Q!"
Two totally rocking superdudes noticed that Jacobob and Chabob were going to destroy the world!
SuperBoy and FireBoy headed as fast as they could to the scene of the crime!
The superdudes came and totally saved the day. The rocked the hell out of Jacobob and Chabob. They TOTALLY got defeated, and are now in Jail for 250 years. That's all, Not Alan, signing off.