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My name is Ryan Trush, I am 20 years old and I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario.I was born in Geraldton, Ontario November 26th, 1980. I currently have graduated from Hillcrest highschool and am in the International Business program at Confederation College in Thunder Bay. I am an only child and I have no pets. My hobbies are reading, the internet, the movies and listening to music. I really enjoy travelling and flying. In my lifetime I have been to Minneapolis, Duluth, Winnipeg, Toronto, Las Vegas, California and Flordia 3 times. Flordia is my favourite out of all these. I also really enjoy going to the movies, I try to go as often as I can. My favourite types of movies are action, drama and adventures. Some of the best movies I have ever seen are Almost Famous, American Beauty, Sleepers, Conair, Sling Blade, The Apostle, Tromeo And Juliet, Almost Famous, What's Eating Gilbert Grape and both Terminator's. I also really enjoy reading, my favourite novels are by John Grisham, although I read a wide variety of novels. I'm currently reading Motley Crue's autobiography-The Dirt and Greg Iles 'The Quiet Game', both being extremly amazing. My favourite type of music is hard rock, I listen to Kiss, Enuff Z Nuff, Warrant, Savatage, Slaughter, Scorpions, Cinderella, LA Guns, Motley Crue, Erotic Suicide, Pretty Boy Floyd and pretty much every other hard rock band. I will update frequently with new pictures whevere I get new ones. Well, that's me. If you have any comments or suggestions e-mail me. I'll answer all my e-mails, so don't hesitate to e-mail me with any questions/comments you have. Special thanks to all the people who helped me on/inspired me to create a homepage!!

href="http://www.oocities.org/Hollywood/Hills/2022/enuffznuffpoison.html"> Pictures of me with members of Enuff Z Nuff and Poison!

Pics of me with Slaughter!

Pics of me with LA Guns my friend Johnny Crypt of LA Guns!

VariousPictures Of Me

Pictures Of Me And My Friends

Pics of me with the band Marvelous 3!!!

Pics of me with Paul Stanley of Kiss!!!

All of my autographed stuff

Def Leppard in Minnedosa, Manitoba Classic Rock Festival

A Picture Of The Entrepreneurship Class Of '99 At The VIBE Showcase

Scratching Post live!

Scratching Post and me

Robbin Black And The Intergalactic Rock Stars and me

Robin Black And The Intergalactic Rock Stars live!


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