Inside Diane...

Inside Diane...

Live for the present...

... But don't forget the future.

I guess this is mine. I cannot say that the design was my own, as is rather obvious. But if you ignore the aesthetics, peel back the appearance, submerge in the actual meat of this webpage, you get me. I guess this is me.

Update: February 24, 2004

Personal bio complete and uploaded. Working on getting my writing and art up. Possibly pictures. When I have time. I'm back in school with homework, the part time job, and extra stuff (including the time consuming boyfriend -- I love you, baby!), so it's hard to get this thing really going. I might add a thing or two also. We'll see. :)

December 29, 2003

And the page is sent off on its maiden voyage. Nowhere near complete. But a promise of more to come.

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