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Updates for GBA Thinkers on 8/15/01

Standard Thinking:
Third Yao Strike has written his 4th Taiwan Report. This one is short, but talks about Arcades in Taiwan. Vram finally has posted up his Hype List that includes 4 games. Rossalameuw has posted his Game of The Month list since he is now back from Myrtle Beach. We have another really well done site in our affilate section. More reading for you guys to do. :)

Unique Thinking: We tried another Daily Debate and it failed again. This rellay bites. We'll have more info on Daily Debates in the near future.

Future Thinking: We are trying out different Digital Cameras to take exclusive Screen Shots of GBA games. We are also looking to add new features to our "other" section such as us showing you us playing Multiplayer games for GBA, and who wins etc. Rass's Rayman review should be up soon.

Other Thinking: Rossalameuw is back, so we are basically at full force once again. Look for many reviews in the near future.