12/19/03: Grandma's Breaking Rocks with her Penis
- >xx_nuclear_ice_xx

fuck you bitches and fuck your mom so this is an update and its about an awesome story that has every thing in it so fucking read it.
Grandma's Breaking Rocks with Her Penis

12/9/03: Hmmm... yup
- Ryoshenron

Lovely'un, ain't it?

12/4/03: Sunny D in De House
- Ryoshenron

A cool picture 'cuz it's cool.

12/3/03: A UPDATE DUH >.>
- >xx_nuclear_ice_xx

Any ways fun fun on a bun im just going to say Gamecube is better than yo momma and ps2 is ok and xbox blows shit out of a random ass. Right now im playing Lost Kingdoms2 for gamecube and I need viewtiful joe biotch!@@#$!@#$

12/2/03: A Story
- >xx_nuclear_ice_xx

This is a story about a bitch named Chris who is a bitch named Michelle's friend :) lmao XD