Rysup Web Design

Rachel Millner Catalogue Services ABN 93 453 704 150


Full time dog show cataloguer, part time web site designer. 
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to see the other side to my life.

I set up and maintain a limited number of websites. 

Basic fees -

$25 per page to set up

$35 per hour to update

I offer special rates for large sites and some Dog Clubs.  Contact me for details.

I do not offer many special effects, however why not browse some of the sites, listed below, that I have set up and see what you like.

NawtiKees Keeshonden

Leifhond Keeshonden

Yankstaf Lodge American Staffordshire Terriers

Hills District Kennel & Training Club Inc

Keeshond Club of NSW

Keeshond Club of SA

Lhasa Apso Club of NSW

Marellen Show Ribbons

Asian Breeds Dog Club of NSW

 Zurk French Bulldogs



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