Adopted Ancestors - Tracing family genealogy: adopted ancestors
Adoption Related - Links to many registry sites and related.
ALHN - The American Local History Network (ALHN) - To serve as the hub of a network of freely-accessible, independent historical and genealogical we sites maintained by volunteer webmasters.
Allegheny County - A directory of orphanages for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
and some adjacent counties

AmFOR - Americans for Open Records - 12,000 Families Reunited Without Charge.
Australia - List of Institutions/Homes in Australia
Casey - Casey services include adoption, guardianship, kinship care [being cared for by extended
family], and family reunification [reuniting children with birth families].

Christian orphanages - We have listed here a few of the many orphanages and children's
homes that serve under the banner of Christ.

Jewish Orphanages - Jewish Orphanages and Temporary Shelters
Kinsolving - If you are searching and have not been successful, then Kinsolving Investigations
may be your key to unlocking that door.

Legends-Legacies - Listing of Know Orphanages
Manhattan - Bronx - A Listing of Asylums and Homes in Manhattan and the Bronx in and around 1903.
NYC Records - NYC Orphan Records
Orphanage Links - Orphanage Links
Orphans Home - Transcriptions of orphan, adoptee, and foster children listings in orphanages,
homes, and poorhouses from U.S. and Canadian censuses. - Here you will find Free Links to orphanages throughout the world!
Orphan Train - Orphan Train Genealogy - Article by Marilyn Irvin Holt
Orphan Trains - Index of children who rode the orphan trains to Kansas
Oxford - Are you an Alumnus of the Oxford Orphanage?
Oxford Orphanage - Oxford Orphanage Alumni Association
Records - A TON of information at HNOH
Search Adoption - A site primarily dealing with Wyoming based Adoption and orphanage records,
but which contains lots of useful general info as well.

Soc. Adoption Adoptees - You'll need Newsgroup Client software for this link:
Search for birth parents or adoptees here.

StreetKid - Many Links to Orphanages World Wide, and other resources. - Plenty of Links to those agencies that watch over homeless
children, including orphanages.

Support - Adoptee/Birth Parent/Search Support Forum
UK Orphanages - UK Orphanages
Renee's Website
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