H. Russell Harris (1903-2002)


a settlement near Lake George, New York 1775 - 1985
by H. Russell Harris.
H. Russell Harris brings to these pages the lore and learning of more than eighty years in his beloved Harrisena, a fertile valley in the foothills of the Adirondacks.

His ancestors settled there as the American Revolution drew to a close, and the tales and traditions of those days and of succeeding generations are here recalled.

His own life has been full, with long service as Superintendent of Highways, Town Supervisor and Social Services Commissioner.  He draws upon his work as a farmer, road builder, constable, garage owner and baseball manager to offer a vivid and interesting picture of life in this region just south of Lake George.  His efforts in the Grange movement have earned him a national reputation, and he has long labored for other fraternal groups and senior citizens organizations.  His affection for his family, wife Isabelle and daughters Peggy and Connie, is evident in these pages.
The years roll on
They take their toll
Of friends and family too
So I will use this history
To come and visit you

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