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Wherever you are this season, And wherever you may roam, May the joy of friends and family warm your heart and bring you home.
From the Zamora Family
William, Renee, Philip, Marie & Garrett
To remember family that has gone before us, visit Renee's website, Somewhere in Time. This website has our Family History, Genealogy, Scrapbook and Recipes.

The year 2002 has been a year of change for the Zamora Family. 
Bill is now working for Pinkerton Security at the Nestle Plant.
Renee is no longer working.  She has put a lot of time into her website. 
Philip is attending UVSC and has a 4.0 GPA, he is also working for PGM. 
Marie is in the 11th grade and has been busy singing and playing her guitar.  Garrett is in the 7th grade and has been very creative in making diaramas.