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From the Zamora Family
Garrett, Philip, William,  Marie (standing)
& Renee (seated) 2003
To remember family that has gone before us, visit Renee's website, Somewhere in Time. This website has our Family History, Genealogy, Scrapbook and Recipes.

The Zamora Family had family pictures taken this year.
We dressed in the 1920-1930 era.   
Bill is working for Securitas at the Nestle Plant. He is making display boxes.
Renee is busy working on her genealogy, website and scrapbook. 
Philip is working for PGM, and busy seeing all the movies out this year. 
(He really needs to be a movie critic.)
Marie is graduating early and getting her GED in Jan 2004. 
Marie made a single
"You're Gone" UCTV - a local TV show wants to use it.
Garrett is in the 8th grade and a wonderful photographer.
Our family was sadden by the death of our dog, Cuddles.
Our lives have been brightened by Jenna, our new American Eskimo dog. 
Colored photo's of Marie Zamora by Garrett Zamora