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"Experience is the hardest teacher
because first you get the test and then you get the lesson."

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  • View the lyrics to one of my favorite songs, Alive
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  • My Live Journal-- Be careful! I tend to write in this when things aren't going so well in my life and neglect to write in it when things are going well.
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  • Wittenberg University
    Class of 2001

    Go Wittenberg Tigers!

  • www.wittfootball.com
  • www.wittenberg.edu

    M.Ed. Program
    College Student Personnel
    Class of 2003
    I scored a 69% on the "How Ohio University are you?" Quizie!
    What about you?

    The Burrito Buggy
    My first burrito:
    Black Bean & Rice Supreme
    Friday, June 7, 2002
    12:00 AM
    Thanks to EDCP 522 & Lisa McGuire

    Member of the
    Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky (IMOK) region

    I scored a 88% on the "How IMOK are you?" Quizie!
    What about you?
    THE LSM Van-O-Love Tour '01-'02
    Yahoo Photo Album -- Click on LSM-USA

    Alpha Nu Chapter
    Wittenberg University

    Celebrate NWFD every third sunday of September.

    Former Member
    Pricetown Partners 4-H Club
    Highland County, OH

    4-H Trivia: 4-H was founded in Ohio!

    Former Member of
    Brownie Girl Scout
    Troop 1165

    Girl Scout Trivia: The GSA are one of Kappa Delta Sororities National Philanthropies!

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