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Welcome Family!

Recommended Links to other sites:

  • My Webpage -- includes family tree, photographs, and family history library.
  • My Cousin Cassie's Website
  • Cassie's Blog -- a blog is like a journal online
  • My brother's Website for class
  • My brother's Electronic Student Portfolio -- hasn't been updated since his freshman year
  • My sister's Wish List -- buy her a gift!

    Recommended Links within the site:

  • Index of Family Photos
  • Photo Album -- includes lots of pictures from when I was a baby until recently.
  • Experiences -- includes documentation of life experiences, including places I've visited and concerts I've attended.
  • Wishlists -- provides you a resource if you ever want to buy me a gift.
  • Social Justice -- provides some links and things I have found that relate to social justice and progressive politics.

    2003 EJB
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  • A picture of my great grandmother

    My greatgrandmother (Granny) is in the back row,
    the third person from the left.