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welcome friends! Recommended Links within the site:
  • Photo Album -- includes lots of pictures from when I was a baby until recently.
  • Experiences -- includes documentation of life experiences, including places I've visited and concerts I've attended.
  • Wishlists -- provides you a resource if you ever want to buy me a gift.
  • Social Justice -- provides some links and things I have found that relate to social justice and progressive politics. This page is still very much under construction.

    Links to Friends:

    Friends from High School

  • Trisha & Andy's Family Website -- This was their family website while they lived in Hawaii. They have since relocated to Lynchburg, OH.
  • Photographs of Trisha and Andy's Child, Braedon
  • Stacy, the DJ -- This is a link to Stacy's page on YES FM in Toledo, OH.

    Friends from Witt World

  • Meghan -- A page involving some of the inside jokes of Meghan and I
  • Laura Kain's Wedding -- Laura was my radio show co-host at Wittenberg U.

    Friends from OU

  • Ali's Website! -- Ali was one of my friends from Graduate Student Senate at OU.
  • Mike's OU page

    Recommended Links to other sites:

  • Wittenberg University -- where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.
  • Ohio University -- where I obtained a Master of Education in College Student Personnel.
  • My Professional Site -- includes my resume, professional portfolio, and downloadable Master's Paper.
  • My ebay -- this page introduces you to what I am currently selling on and what feedback my customers have provided me.
  • My -- this page shows my store of textbooks, books, CDs, etc. for sale.

    Other more in-depth, personal links:

  • HTML Archives of my website -- this is the index to the archives of the site. It includes old pages that I created while an undergraduate, etc. with the links and things at that time. The information provided on these sites may not be accurate or up-to-date.
  • My LiveJournal -- This is personal information and if you don't wish to know me that closely, yet, then I would suggest you not visit this site.
  • Liz and Stacy writing for The Mustang-- Click here to see more pictures

    Stacy and I writing for The Mustang, High School Newspaper
    LCHS Class of 1997

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    1997-2003 EJB