S10 Xtreme SS
Hey.  Thanks for visiting my page.   If you have any questions about my truck, don't hesitate to email me, or Instant Message me on AIM.  I'm StormRemix@aol.com in email, and StormRemix on AIM.
Chevrolet S-10 Xtreme "SS"
Pictures of me an my friends
Pictures of my truck
Questions? Comments?  Email me: StormRemix@aol.com
My truck has been traded in.  Only part left from it is the Hypertech Power Programmer, which works on a 1999 GM truck. 

My new car:
2001 Toyota Celica GT
The TRD Elegant kit is completely installed.  I will make a new website as soon as I install my Tein suspension
Pictures of my Celica
Hey!, My Celica's for sale - 17,000.00
Wanna buy it?? Email me at :