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Iwo Jima:  U.S. Marine Corps Battle in Japan during World War II

Military Experience

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Palmetto, Georgia
PhD Candidate
Sharon in the U.S. Marine Corps Basic Training PictureGood Housekeeping Magazine Photo July 1985Sharon in the Marines Picture

Major vonKelsch signing Sharon Tutt reenlistment papers in the Marines PictureSharon was educated in the Fulton County School System, K-12.   After graduating from Palmetto High School in 1980, In the field 1984she joined the U.S. Marine Corps specializing in the field of Personnel Management and Journalism.  She accepted assignments at Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps located in Arlington, VA.   She was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in less than 2 years and was assigned to the Quantico Sentry located in Quantico, Virginia.   While there she worked with a very creative and professional team that was awarded the prestigous Thomas Jefferson award, one of the military journalist prestigious awards.

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Sharon has a love for how information is gathered and presented.   She is now pursuing that love in the field of Information Technology where she is finding out that computers, telephones, televisions and gaming devices are the tools used with the information for emerging technologies.  Her next endeavor will be to learn 3D animation to build a gaming project.

Sharon is also an avid writer who has a collection of unpublished manuscripts, poetry and writings of interest that she will compile one day and display it on her website.  She wants to call her dot com company Tutt's Designs, LLC because living a life is a treasure and the information that you gather throughout your life is a blessing.  She likes novelties too and she will build her online business around things like Tshirts, socks, mugs, pens, pencils and cute post-it notes.  She is also into collecting African art such as paintings, figurines and cultural craftworks.  Many of her items will have a theme of "Getting Back to the Basics --The Simplicity in Complexity."

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Unpublished novel-- A SADD Affair
There are 7 sisters who share one thing in common, their last name is SADD.  This saga unfolds in Any Small Town, USA and spreads its wings across USA. You will meet Hatshepshut affectionately called Honey, Bathsheba nicknamed Baby, twin sisters Nefertiti and Nefertari called "Nanee and Nanna", "Sistah" Tiye, Aset the quiet one and the Queen of the world Cleopatra.  It is truly amazing what you can do with a little imagination!   This is one of the novels that she will share with her true friends the ones that miss her and she promised to visit.  It's tough trying to find the time to go visit friends in such places as Japan, India, Paris, just to name a few. So I thought the best way to do that was to share a little of the things that we did while we were together and learned about ourselves and the precious contacts that grew into some serious friendships.

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