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I will Post to that Website starting today, 3 May '05, tiferet sh'b' GVURAH >P> N.B.: I think this index.html page is ok, but if you're missing anything, try index1.htm

7 Jan '05 -- I will try to make a better Interface as:


26 April '05 -- 17 NisaN -- gvurah sh'b CHESED -- 16 Rabi al awal
This is one of the murals on the Church in Morcote, on Lake Lugano

MALVAG1.JPG This is the front of the Church in Malvaglia Chiesa, Val Blenio

N.B. I have posted 4 new PVK Audio Input Zenith Tape Administrative files to my main Website, . They are of interest only to folks who are working on Archiving PVK material. They are W03TUTI.TXT , W03N0157.TXT, W03N5873.TXT , PVLN3710.TXT . They are merely my notes on the contents of PVK tapes, and my notes on my notes.

It is an incredibly warm spring day in Lugano.

14 April 05 -- 4 Nisan
SO050328.TXT Procedural memo for "digitalizing" PVK audio cassette tapes.
PVINVWA.TXT Inventory of Walia Collection of Zenith Masters PVKINVS.ZIP My 1998 Inventory of whatever PVK materials I happened then to have at hand. Includes listing of many of the PVK articles in "The Message" magazine (Munir Graham & TIK edd., 1970s)

7 Jan '05 -- 26 Tevet -- 26 Dbu al X -- In the Swiss Alps, next to a McDonald's with moderate traffic, as_it_is_said, "Pave Paradise, put up a Parking Lot" (Joan Collins) --
Karima Sommerau's house in Jenisburg is extraordinarily beautiful, practically a museum of her art and collected art. I made a very poor attempt at documenting it with a disposable camera and neglible photographic skills -- I have just learned that a flash reflects. What I have so far here is: KSTap1.jpg

At this point I will move over to:

2 Dec '04 -- 20 Kislev -- 20 Shawwal -- Heavy snow, about 35 cm., has settled onto the valley at Campra. Cross-country ski season has begun and will now last until about April.
Adil Allerstein, who plays a pretty good Bach Tocatta_& whenever folks let him sit at their pedal_pusher, offers a condensed Tikun haOlam.
I've downloaded it, I hope, from his Website, which is LINK'd on my Primary Website, www./

dervisag.jpg A dervish card, by Agnieska Ledwon.
Scan'd to disc etc. by Nico Vanzetti.

24 Nov '04 -- 11 Kislev -- 11 Shawwal -- Snow on the ground at Campra --
Photos of religious murals et al., SCAN'd etc. by Nico Vanzetti
The mural at the Old Church in BIASCA:
Donna.jpg Pending rename of Donna alla sogente.jpg
Three photos of the mural on the Church at Dongio (Val Blenio, Ticino)
A humorous graphic for recycling plastic bottles;

9 Aug '04 -- 22 Av -- 23 Jumaada al-Thaany
A major update; I've added 10 more pictures.

First of all, here's an ALTERNATE INTERFACE:
sa040809.htm This is the File Manager as of 9 Aug '04

Now: Here are the new pictures:

=fred27g.jpg is a version of =fred27g.jpg , which sits on my primary Website, Rather a large dragon there, whom one may eventually have to nudge aside. A collage ben Yitzhak ben Yehuda, the original sits aside the historic Synagogue of Moshav Meor Modi'in , Mevo Modi'im , a convenient taxi_cab__ride from Lod International Airport; ample camping facilities available for those who wish to work on their tan.

Pictures by Judy AvrahamHai , Moshav Mevo Modi'in
The following pictures are from my Collection:
jahbtknu.jpg The Bet Knesset (unfinished; and purchased to remain so). For when is a Bet Knesset ever finished?

A small oil, landscape, gazing outside the Moshav from below Members Row, before Brasilia East began its Star Wars approach.

jahpur2.jpg A minor water-colour greeting card, for Purim.
jah has done many watercolours, and an embroidered challa cover, with plants and flowers, all very gentle and quite nice.

Painted on the wall of the Moshav Meor Modi'in Bet Knesset, on available space -- it works around a circuit-breaker box, and around some producing electrical connectors, which seem to be twigs on the tree that the bird sits on -- this is a major addition to Yitzah ben Yehuda's decoration of the Bet Knesset. The picture does not go quite low enough; try to note how the bird's plumage trails off into less and less tangible, subtle and subtler, "levels" of being.

And somewhere Pound remembers Yeats declaiming:
" how he had made a bird
only Pound writes it so much better than what I can recollect now.

Leah Silver, one of the daughters of the Moshav, makes charmingly exhuberant ceramic jewelry and artificacts; those were photographed and here are copies of the photos:
leahsil1.jpg and
Most of her work is for sale; she may be met on the Moshav; or E-mail:

Miriam Gal-Or, one of the daughers of the Moshav, is a painter. Her work was recently exhibited at Haverei shel Sergio, in Jerusalem. Here is a scan of a newspaper photo of some of her pictures.
20 July '04 -- 2 Av -- 3 Jumaada al-Thaany
Two classic photos of HIK, one used at a Zenith Camp:

HIK1.tif About 3 Mb.

HIK1a.jpg Same picture, only 39 K

HIK2.jpg About 130 K

NOTE: I'm Posting my PVK transcriptions and supplemental material to: Password required; please ask me for it, or ask anyone else who's likely to have it.
Note that it's Adobe -- I started out in a 1-room adobe at New Buffalo, which is in Arroyo Hondo, 10 miles north of Taos, 10 miles south of the turnoff for Lama Foundation.

24 JUNE '04 -- 5 TaMUZ -- 5 Jaamuda al-awal
Scan0001.TIF PVK Zenith 88 (per AgL)

Note: HP Scanjet leaves pictures as *.tif , ca. 3 Mb. Use HP Album to Save As *.jpg, about 30-- 300 K.

25 June '05 -- 6 TaMUZ -- erev Shabat -- 6 Maamuda al-awal
Added PVK88Zag.JPG, a Save-As JPEG etc. that came out as a 98.7K *.JPG -- I have no idea how it compares with the preceeding -- or if one would even notice the difference --

The morning, from first light through sunset, is always lovely -- the birds wake up and all start singing, not at first light, but about dawn --

Jonathan Daniels once said, this is when we recite the Psalms --
and then comes dawn -- the rays of the sun so beautiful through the clouds -- sunbeams

(and someone from the Abode once said; PVK once said of HIK, 'he is throwing great beams of light') --

and then ,Jonothan Daniels added:
at sunrise the birds all are silent for a moment --
and this is when (if one is lucky enough to have had good timing that day) one says the Amidah, the Silent Prayer --

again, very best to all, in everything --

as always,