walking on december
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and surely you remember what it was like before the snows came, before the world was drifted over in a white and icy way...

Welcome to SDQ's Page of Hockey Fiction, constantly under construction. This page contains all manner of stories and fiction from ratings PG to NC-17.

Disclaimer: This is primarily a SLASH website. That means, for the dull and dull at heart among you, that it contains stories about relationships between two people of the same gender. Usually male. Usually hockey-playing males. It is RPS, or real-person slash. If any of this squicks you out, or if you don't like it, or whatever, leave. Relieve your feelings, write a letter. No, not to me, because I won't stop writing it. Write to someone who cares, like Greenpeace, or whatever. Thank you.

Now for those of you who are still with me, bring on the fic!

Series Fics

Fics here that are obviously in a series, fics with chapters, fics connected to other fics.

One-Shot Dealies

Herein lies fics that have no connection whatsoever to any other kind of fic, anywhere, any time, any place.


Remember Shrinky-Dinks? Yeah? Me too, those were pretty awesome. But these are just ordinary links to other place I kind of enjoy.

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Notice: all of the fic on this page is copyright 2001, 2002, and 2003 by saaskia_de_quebec. Publishing any of my fic anywhere else without my explicit permission is a crime. If you wish to reproduce my fic on your website, send me an email and I'll think about it.

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