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He is recipient of the central Sahitya academy Fellow ship, the highest honour in the literary world of India reserved for immortals of literature. Yuva kalaa Vaahini, a popular cultural organisation felicitated him recently and honoured him with the title seshendra; visionary poet of the Millennium. His anthology of the Millennium poems'

FROM WORD TO CENTURY has been brought out by JYOTHSNA PUBLICATIONS in October 2000. Here are some poems from that anthology.

In his introduction to his notebook "THE ARC OF BLOOD" Seshendra says

"We are children of a century which has seen revolutions, awakenment of large masses of people over the earth and their emancipation from slavery and colonialism wresting equality from the hands of brute forces and forging links of brotherhood across mankind. This century has seen peaks of human knowledge; unprecedented intercourse of peoples and perhaps for the first time saw the world stand on the brink of the dilemma of one world or destruction. It is a very inspiring century, its achievements are unique. A poet who is not conscious of this context fails in his existence as poet.

Seshendra is a trendsetter both in poetry and criticism, occupies a place of crucial importance in the development and evolution of Modern Indian literature. His books have been translated into English/Hindi/urdu/Bengali/kannada and Greek

Seshenrdra sarma better known as seshendra, poet/critic/scholar was born on 20th October 1927 in Andhra pradesh (India). Parents; Late subrahmanyam, Late Mrs ammaayamma, married to Janaki, Children; Ms.Vasundhara, Ms, Revathi (daughters,), Vanamaali, Saatyaki (sons)-Graduated from the Andhra Christian college (guntur A.P), did Law from the Madras University, He worked as Deputy Municipal Commissioner in The government of Andhra Pradesh for 37 years. He knows Telugu, English, Hindi and Sanskrit proficiently.

It was with a translation from Mathew Arnold"s"Shahnama" the Persian Epic that Seshendra first appeared in Print (1952) Inevitably a Poet is known mainly for the works that brought recognition to him. We shall think of seshendra primarily as the author of*my country my people* Modern epic, SESHA JYOTSNA, The burning Sun, poet’s notebook" Arc of blood (Rakta Rekha),"TURNED INTO WATER AND FLED AWAY, GORILLA, ME AND MY PEACOK OR THE PEACOCK AND MY ME.

Epics like ADHUNIK MAHABHARATHAM, JANAVAMSAM Spiralled his emergence on the Indian literary scene establishing him as a major voice of the country. Added to this are his books of criticism "SHODASI"(A TANTRIC COMMENTARY OF VALMIKI’S RAMAYAN) SWARNA HAMSA (A TANTRIC COMMENTARY OF HARSHA Bhatta"s naishadhiya charitam) and KAVI SENA MANIFESTO (ADHINIK KAVYA SASTRA) besides short stories and plays.

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