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Welcome to Sabastian Bach Dot Com.

We hope to pay tribute to an 80's metal icon that is a true talent of the 80's. Use the side menu or bottom menu to visit what ever pages you wish. Visit the VH-1 Link to the left to see  the schedual for the Forever Wild show Sabastian Bach now hosts.
We, as you probably are, Love Sabastian Bach and Skid Row (Sabastian Bach Era) and Wanted to compile information we have read or seen on the net all in one handy place... Hence Sabastian Bach Dot Com. We thank the many sites that are out there and provide such wonderful information.

This site is a Mom and Daughter team effort. We both work on this site. If you wish to contact either one of us please click on the email link and drop  a couple lines to us.
Please Keep checking back for further updates.
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The Home of 80's Metal
Pure Hard Rock.Com
is an awesome internet radio station! If you are into the 80's music this is the place for you. You can choose from the Real player or Windows Media player to connect. Of Course it also has bands of todays music, but I seem to hear more 80's music being played, than anything else.  This internet radio station has Skid Row, even Sabastian Bach solo stuff listed. You are allowed to make up to 3 requests an hour as well as post a comment or "Shout out" to your friends that might also be tuned in. It's a must see internet radio station!
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